Old Waterville Post Office
Corner of Main and Elm Streets

This was Post Office Square ( right) in 1909 at the corner of Main and Elm Streets before the site was cleared for the new Post Office.

This Waterville Post Office building, designed by Treasury Architect James Knox Taylor, was completed in 1911. Designed after the Philadelphia Exchange (1832), it is notable for its triangular configuration due to the intersection of Elm and Main Streets. Its Greek Revival architecture, significant in the early 1900s, was constructed entirely with cut stone and includes a tall Corinthian cylindrical lantern on the roof based on a monument in Athens. In 1976 the Post Office moved into its new building on College Avenue.

The old Post Office building was placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977 and was sold at auction in 1980 for $112,000. It is now occupied by several businesses including the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce and Mainely Brews Tavern.


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